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The word from the President

Welcome to the association of women executives of Société Générale.

Our association’s aims are the promotion of gender diversity within the company and support the creation of women networks in the finance sector.

Since the inception of the association in 2004, we have made remarkable progress, with now over 700 professional women in France and more 1000 members across the world including the overseas women networks.

Feminin by Societe Generale did initiate many actions both within the company and externally, feeding a professional and constructive debate on diversity and gender.

Within the Societe Generale Group, we have implemented an "Observatoire de la mixité" in partnership with the Human Resources department; we have initiated more than 50 personal development workshops, a mentoring program and more than thirty conferences on gender diversity themes. We achieved several reports (‘La femme cliente’ in 2011, ‘La mixité au sein des conseils d’administration’ ' in 2010, the ' Optima project ' in 2007). In addition, we conduct solidarity actions for women (HR Mozaïc, ‘Capital Filles’, Feminin by SG India) and support the networking of women in our region and abroad.

Outside the SG group, we have initiated the creation of the federation 'Financi'elles', which brings together the forces of several networks of women executives in finance and insurance in France.

Our ambition for 2012 is to bring together even more women, to continue our work in a positive and constructive atmosphere. We encourage women to join the Women networks.

Through our commitment, actions and our ideas, we intend to contribute to the success of our company.

Thank you again for your commitment.

Veronique de la Bachelerie
President of Feminin by Societe Generale

Last update : 29/03/2012


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