Mix & Win Société Générale


Our goals


To enable women executives to participate in a network across the SOCIETE GENERALE Group, bringing together women with different backgrounds to share experiences in order to promote their personal and professional development.

To encourage the promotion of women in positions of responsibility by both the awareness of managers and by setting visibility of talented women.

To contribute independently to the HR work for mixity, with workshops such as the ‘Observatoire de la mixité’ identifying various component indicators of diversity.

To focus on personal development through a range of workshops: to encourage women to seize the opportunities available to them.

To develop a national and international influence through the deployment of regional relays and by developing links with other networks abroad : UK, United States, Singapore, India, Brazil, …

To expand our networking actions outside the company by creating synergies with other professional women networks.

Last update : 30/03/2012


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