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“Together, we hope that we can and shall make a positive difference to the lives of the women at SG India”.

Chairperson :Sandra Martyres; Team members: Gina Kadam, Parvathy Ramaswamy, Rekha Hari, Shirely D’Mello, Nazia Khan , Pramila Pai

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Note on Women’s Day celebrations at SG Mumbai, India

Women’s Day in SG India this year was special, only a few months earlier the Indian chapter of ‘Feminin by Societe Generale’ was inaugurated with the main objective of bringing together the lady staff from different backgrounds to share their professional and personal experiences.

  • Role of women in modern India

The Women’s day celebrations were kicked off in the office, when the ‘Feminin’ team decided to do things differently. They sent out a note, to all the male staff, acknowledging their special contribution to the lives of the women and invited them to a small get together. There was bonhomie all around when everyone met up at the appointed time. Alain Pfeiffer -CEO Sandra Martyres -Deputy CEO and Mrs. Chantal Pfeiffer, a special guest for the occasion, spoke of the role that women play in modern India and of their contribution to the growth of SG … Chantal Pfeiffer did the honors and cut a cake specially ordered for the occasion. Alain Pfeiffer handed over a small gift in the form of a book to each of the ladies. The ladies in turn, distributed chocolates to the SG gentlemen, who were pleasantly surprised and happy to be included in the celebrations!

  • Support to NGOs and underprivileged

On Women’s Day, the SG ladies, donned in traditional finery, celebrated the occasion by spending the evening with twenty young women in the age group of 13 -18 years from ‘Asha Sadan’ and  ‘Salaam Balak’, 2 NGO’s.

Both these organizations cater to the underprivileged. One looks after and grooms orphaned girls and the second is responsible for providing vocational guidance and employment opportunities to street children.

At 5.30 p.m., these young women, their curious faces, shy smiles, suppressed chatter and polite ‘Namastes’ filled up the office… As they quickly settled down to High Tea with ‘Pani puris’ and other tangy Indian savories, Sandra Martyres, Deputy CEO, kicked off the program with a brief address asking them what ‘Women’s Day’ meant for them… This was when the transformation happened – each of the girls, who appeared shy earlier, took the mike and faced the audience speaking confidently of the changing role of women in society today, the challenges they face and the future that they see for themselves. We gave each of them was applauded loudly by us as they came up to speak.

To encourage collective participation, the ‘Feminin by SG’ team sponsored a ‘karaoke’ program where each of the invitees had to sing with an SG lady staff member. This was a great ice breaker and everyone sang along, whether they knew the song or not; some chose modern songs, some traditional songs, some sang off-key, some sang perfectly in tune – the air was filled with laugher and a feeling of warmth - right here bonds were being formed. In the middle of one of the songs, Soon it was time for the last song to be sung, and that was when the girls came up with a request…. They wanted to sing the song “Kolaveri Di”- it’s a part hip hop, part rap song which is a rage in the country. Unfortunately it was not listed in the Karaoke album, but the unfazed girls said they did not need a tune, they could sing it themselves. And they did just that, completely in sync, confident in their voices, enjoying themselves every single bit, and we couldn’t help but smile and enjoy this moment with them.

  • Next steps
It was a memorable evening for the SG ladies and our guests who went back to their respective oranistions with a smile ofn their faces and a lilt in their walk. But this is only the beginning of the plans that the ‘Feminin’ team. We have so far conducted a workshop to educate women on Cancer Awareness,...

In the coming months, we plan to hold a talk on Health and Fitness for women by an in-house expert, a session on how Yoga can be used to deal with stress. Other plans include talks on Diet and Nutrition for women, Grooming and Presentation skills etc.


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Last update : 10/08/2012


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