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  • To provide a forum for women to discuss issues they face in the workplace and exchange ideas relating to career progression
  • To promote leadership by women and aims to help close the gender gap in the workplace
  • To support women within SG to succeed through promoting greater exposure and visibility for talented women across Asia-Pacific.
  • Promote the interests of professional women through a variety of business functions and professional development activities


2011 Woman network activity

  • February  - Projecting your professional image with Teo Ser Lee (35 participants)
  • March - “Share Lunch with” Mabel Sim, Singapore COO & Valerie Loy, Singapore HR   
  • April  - “Share Lunch with” Dania Seiglie, Senior Banker (20 participants)
  • June  - 21th CSR week: SG Women’s Network Event
  • July  Visit of VEOLIA recycling plant
  • July – “Make an impression in 5 minutes” by MJ Jennings
  • GO GRIN project


Every day, a tremendous amount of waste is produced within SG offices. Although the direct environmental consequences of the banking business are infinitely smaller  than those of the industrial sector, SG is endeavoring to reduce them by acting on the main levers over which we have  control: consumption of energy, paper and fluids, optimization of business travel etc…

  • SG Singapore Women’s Network on behalf of Societe Generale Singapore and in cooperation with VEOLIA Environmental Services is launching the GRIN Recycling program within SG Singapore’s premises.
  • The goal is to change our daily behavior by “Consuming Less, Consuming Better”
  • In terms of paper consumption or other recyclables like plastic packagings, cans…, the adage “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” now applies.

2012 Woman network activity

  • January – Feng Shui talk from a Feng Shui master
  • February – Charity fund raising for Saint John homes, a retirement home.
  • March - Marcia Uy from Shell shares with us her personal life and how Shell is managing women careers and promoting a multi-cultural approach.
45 participants among which professional women from 20 professional women from Areva, Air France, Lagardere Services, JCDecaux, Standard Chartered, Credit Suisse, FCCS, CIC, CapGemini, Kroll, Wanxiang, CIMB…).

  • April: SG Women’s Network supports the Tsolmon Ireedui Foundation by collecting second-hand children clothes and toys.
Tsolmon Ireedui Foundation is a charitable foundation to help poor children from Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia.

And much more to come !

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